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You'll be able to create your own drinking game in the next 5 minutes!

­čžáCreating a drinking game with A.I.

1. Create an account

You will need an account to start creating drinking games. Creating an account is free and gives you access to our A.I. generator. Having an account will also enable us to give you credit for your game!

2. Search for your Movie or Show

Find your movie or show by using the search bar in the navbar (desktop) or in the menu (mobile). Can't find a movie or show? Send us a DM on twitter @DrinkUp_io and we'll get on it!

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3. Press the Generate Game With Ai Button

Press the button and wait a few seconds. You'll see the game editor where you'll be able to customize the rules to your liking.

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4. Make it yours!

Update the title, description and any of the rules! Remember to save your changes. By default your game is a draft until you publish it.


Have any questions? DM us on twitter @DrinkUp_io