Still Flowin The Movie

calendar icon 5/28/2013

Raed Melki is a troubled musician struggling with his own mortality and his inability to affect change in the music industry. He soon discovers that speaking truth to power can be a dangerous game.


The Raed Rumble

by alfref

Originally from September 2020, the rules were decided by consensus during the plenary session of the Spumonie Film Club. Drink 1 - Reasonable sip of beer or equivalent.

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  • Drink 1 when Layered audio track
  • Drink 1 when Screen flashes pink
  • Drink 1 when Raed serenades a character with rap
  • Drink 1 when Someone is called a jew/arab
  • Drink 1 when The Assassin swears
  • Drink 1 when Actual credit card information is shown on screen
  • Drink 1 when 'Freak'
  • Drink 1 when Actual drug abuse
  • Drink 1 when Character looks at camera
  • Down your drink when Raed says 'nah I'm not gay'